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May 2019 by Linda Schroeder

We have the BLUEs and MANY WAYS TO CURE IT. I came to this Conference somewhat blind, but at the end I had a little more knowledge and understanding of the big picture of what involves being part of a TEAM for Reflexology Across America and the Association or any communication in my life.


TEAM: A group of People with a full set of Complimentary skills required to complete a task, job or project.

Delmar Johnson-Bridging Connections Thru Reflexology was the main speaker. She is an Author, Speaker, HR Consultant and Career Catalyst who has shown hundreds of women the power of discovering their talents, gifts and passion by being more confident to stop “flying below the radar.”

Stephanie A. Cooke-RAA Treasurer-also spoke at the Conference on Team Building and Communication; Four Personality Styles:

Dominant: prefers getting to point, work with conviction, expecting to be organized, like risks and challenges, business owners, CEO’s; Look at time piece of trophies/certificates facing out in their spaces. 10-12% of population of YOU and those you serve being in this category.

Influencing: optimistic, outgoing, like participating on teams, sharing ideas, energizing, look for unique accessories to stand out, arriving late or special entrances and looking at themselves in mirrors. They talk about or plan social activities for fun. 17 to 19% of YOU or the populations you serve being in this category. 17-19% of YOU or the populations you server being in this category.

Steady: Sympathetic, cooperative, helpful and kind people who like working behind the scenes, good listeners, enjoy hearing more about others, don’t like change and like to ASK. Etc. Consider 50% of YOU or the population you serve being in this category.

Conscientious: Concerned, correct, and sticklers for quality. Like planning ahead, employ structure and systematic approaches, check and re-check for accuracy, like to ASK; Can be those in the corner, working alone, with little to no supervision. Consider 12-15 % are You or those you serve. Etc.

Do you believe COMMUNICATION, at times involves Misunderstanding, and how this helps drive creative communication? If two people sat back to back, person A asked person B to draw a clothes hanger, (example) without saying what the object was to person B. Person B then draw based on person A’s description. This game is effective for finding new ways to communicate around barriers. It also helps build problem-solving skills and effective communication strategies.

What does effective communication look like? Being interactive, informative, positive, productive. Begins with a message. Information being transformed to others; before I speak write or think carefully about what I want to say. Be clear as possible; consider my expectations; what results do I expect from this communication? Keep it simple, one message at a time, directly stated and to be heard and understood-precise as possible.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Why the Communication Break down? Too many links in the chain, too many messages-too many chiefs, be clear of main message; lack of clarity; undefined expectations; inadequate listening; failure to target audience.

What Makes for Good Communication? Objectives, be open, flexibility, sensitivity, self-awareness, knowledge, patience

LEADERSHIP STYLES: Values; leadership behaviors. To clarify the leadership values:

*Achievement *adventure * challenge *control *creativity *economic balance

*fairness *freedom *happiness *hard work *honesty *harmony power *risk

*self-respect *tradition * trust *wisdom OTHER VALUES…

Complete the sentence “_____________is a ‘cornerstone’ in my approach to leadership.” And how values drive leadership behavior.

We each can ask self, “What is my role during conflict? Am I organized, laid back, social butterfly, quiet one, empathizer, tolerant one, aggressive one, go-getter, detached one-don’t care?” You can pick a few that you are.

What is my role after Resolution of Conflict? What steps do I need to take, mediator, re-organize, diffuse; get conflict out of body by fluids, exercise, etc. look forward, not backward; pick and choose battle, not all battles are mine-don’t take up other’s battles.

Being Creative

We all have huge amounts of creativity; some people are simply more open to using it than others. Creativity is being open to new ideas. Creativity is creativity, wherever it occurs.

How to Find Your Way to Creativity: What worked in the past? What is not working now? What can I do differently? What resources do I have?

Have Fun Getting Out of Your Rut: Dress differently for a day, Style your hair differently and see how it makes you feel, eat different foods outside of your normal choice, skip the coffee and find a new way to wake up, if you brush your teeth starting on the top left-try brushing from the bottom right.

Melody Pearson-Vice President-talked to group on Finding the Right Volunteer…And getting a “Yes”

Why volunteer for our Reflexology organizations or any organization? Helpful communicating new ideas! Has values for oneself.

You never want a TEAM without growing! You do not want to stop learning…

How do we each carry out the Vision?

OUR MISSION for the Reflexology Association of Iowa is to promote dialogue throughout the reflexology community as the primary means of creating unity among reflexologists and to protect and preserve the skills of reflexology and encourage communication, education, and ethics for reflexology practitioners and the clients they serve in Iowa and to protect our legal rights to work as reflexology practitioners.

RAIA is the Iowa State Affiliate of the Reflexology Association of America.

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