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 October 11, 2021

I would like to introduce myself quickly. I have been working as a Reflexologist for approximately 5 years, in Bloomfield, Ia. I received my reflexology schooling through Perfect Touch here in Bloomfield and my certification with the ARCB. I thoroughly enjoy it and my clients. I am now 63 and can see myself doing this for a very long time.

Let me just say it is an honor for me to be a part of this wonderful organization.

I too, as like many of you, had to shut my business down for several weeks. So, in that time, I have been doing a lot of studying and getting to know the RAIA. We the Board, have been working on the RAIA website trying to improve on the way you renew or join the RAIA. We want it to be interesting, informative and easy to use. Also I have been writing articles about how reflexology may help with certain health issues. I ask that you continue to read them and please write your opinions or advice on each topic. We all can learn from each other.

My one thought has been: What do the future Reflexology students have to look forward to? Are there new laws that will be put in place for Reflexologists to be concerned about? Hopefully no changes but things we need to pay attention to. For the next generation of Reflexologists to grow, I believe everyone of us has the right, privilege and responsibility to be involved in protecting our right to practice.

If you have any concerns about the future of reflexology, please contact one of our Board members and we will do our best to answer any concerns. Go to the RAIA website and all the Board members contact information is listed on there under Contact:

I, as your new President want to be of Value to you. I want to share with you some ways we can be of help to our clients and ourselves also.

  • Be simple and share your time with others.
  • Be Kind.
  • Be careful of your words, how you speak them to others.
  • Be willing to grow and learn to value other's opinion.
  • Be silent when you need to be a good listener.

I have been blessed to have been chosen by the wonderful ladies on the RAIA board. I am learning so much about the profession and our organization just here in Iowa. I am looking forward to being able to meet everyone that attends our Spring Conference. Look for the updates soon on the Spring Conference on our website and my newsletters. Click on the Events tab after the first of the new year.

In Closing:

I have learned more about reflexology and how important reflexology is to me and the public through reading, talking with the members and joining in the RAA meetings and the meetings with the NCRE, which gives me so many ideas as to how I can grow myself.

I know that I have had many clients being their first time of trying reflexology, were amazed at how well they felt after a session and for several days past. I feel it is our responsibility to spread the word about the benefits of reflexology. If you would like to share your ideas or thoughts, please contact me and I will put it on our website.


Renita Murrell

Board President 

OUR MISSION for the Reflexology Association of Iowa is to promote dialogue throughout the reflexology community as the primary means of creating unity among reflexologists and to protect and preserve the skills of reflexology and encourage communication, education, and ethics for reflexology practitioners and the clients they serve in Iowa and to protect our legal rights to work as reflexology practitioners.

RAIA is the Iowa State Affiliate of the Reflexology Association of America.

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